The BT & Evening College is situated in the heritage city of Cooch Behar, capital of the erstwhile princely state that merged with West Bengal after the independence of India. The present address of the college is Keshab Road, Gunjabari, on the grounds where the old palace of the Narayan kings existed, before it was demolished in the nineteenth century and the royal family shifted to the new palace built in 1887, during the reign of Maharaja Sri Nripendra Narayan. (picture above) The BT & Evening College, a constituent college of the University of North Bengal was established on 25th August 1968 with a view to giving teachers’ training and helping the local youth to earn their first degree.


The general Aims of the College of Education are to prepare the students to assume responsible in preventive, promotive and curative care of the learner or working teachers by which they can be act as a well qualified and trained teacher to teach the students. They are prepared to assume first level positions in all areas of study and are expected to participate in teaching and managerial function as well. The specific objectives are as follow:

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